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Bullfrog Swim School

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Scheduling Swim School Registration in Fresno, CA

Bullfrog Swim School registration in Fresno, CA, is simple for your convenience. Please fill out the swim school registration form. We will email you some scheduling options based on your scheduling preferences. We will respond in less than 24 hours, normally the date of submission. Once you confirm your swim schedule, please make your payment to complete your booking. We permit two cancelations per 10 pack. Make-ups are on Saturdays with a make-up instructor. Make-ups are conveniently scheduled from the tab below.

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Lessons for All Ages

Whether you are an adult looking to learn how to swim, or you have a young child that needs lessons, Bullfrog Swim School is the perfect solution. Once you complete our swim school registration in Fresno, CA, you will be enrolled in one of our many lesson groups. With our swim lessons for new swimmers, we divide our classes into different age groups—one group for adults, another for children, and the final for infants. We also offer parent-and-me lessons where we will help teach you how to teach your child to swim.

With all of our lessons, we focus on our “I CAN SAVE MYSELF” swim method. Original to our school, this teaching method helps our students learn three basic techniques: the survival stroke, how to float on your back, and how to save yourself if you fall into the pool. Once these basics are mastered, we offer stroke development lessons to teach more advanced techniques like freestyle swimming, backstroke, and the butterfly technique. So when you are looking for child or adult swim lessons, reach out to our swim school. No matter your current skill level, we will help you feel more comfortable in and around the pool.