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Bullfrog Swim School

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Services and Prices

Swim Packages

Swim lessons are sold in packs of 10, 20, and 30. Packages may be split between family members. Swim lessons may be shared between two students. If any students sharing a lesson are 4 years old or under the lesson is split 15 minutes / 15 minutes. For best results, we recommend private lessons for fearful students. 

10 Pack 

10 (30 Minute) Private Swim Lessons: $625 

20 Pack 

20 (30 Minute) Private Swim Lessons: $1100

30 Pack

Regular Rate: 30 (30 Minute) Private Swim Lessons: $1450


-$50 gas surcharge is added for every 10 home lessons.

-No ANNOYING additional registration fees.

-Lessons are non refundable and expire on 10/11/24. 

-Extension lessons may be added after your first pack of lessons for the year. You may purchase extension lessons in any quanity and not obligated to an additional 10 lessons if you feel your student needs a few more lessons to accomplish our goals. 

Swim Lessons for New Swimmers 3 Years Old and Over

The proven I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn-to-swim method consists of 3 clear goals for new swimmers with 7 levels to accomplish them. On average, students 3 years old and older accomplish our 3 goals in 10 (30 min) private swim lessons. Lessons at our swim school may be taken 1-5x a week, depending on how fast of a course you wish to take. Swim lessons are private, but you can share with a friend/sibling and split the cost. Shared lessons are not recommended for resistant students. If any students in a shared lesson are 4 years old or younger, swim lessons are split 15 minutes per child. Only 2 students may share a lesson per 30 minute lesson.  

3 Goals for New Swimmers:

  •  Survival Stroke with a Minimum of 3 Independent-Reliable   Breaths
  •  Back-Float with Kicks
  •  How to SAVE YOURSELF if you fall into the pool.
Swim Lesson

Gates and locks WILL BE LEFT OPEN, so we teach students how to SAVE THEMSELVES if they fall in the pool. The last lesson, we give all our students the I CAN SAVE MYSELF test. Students jump in the pool fully clothed to demonstrate they can SAVE THEMSELVES if they fell into a pool. Parents find great relief knowing their child will be able to get out of the pool fast if they were to fall in, even while wearing heavy clothes. That's why we are your best choice for swim lessons. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for videos of our success. Bullfrog Swim School works and we have the videos to prove it! 

Swim Lesson for Under 2

Swim Lesson for 2 Years and Younger

Swim Lessons for Infant Walkers to  2 Years Old

The I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn to swim method has modified expectations for students 2 and under (infants must be able to walk 20 feet to be able to enroll in swim lessons). Swim lessons for walking infants and 2-year-olds still work on achieving our 3 Goals for new swimmers using the 7 Levels of Progression, but parents need to be realistic on expectations for such young swimmers. For best results, we DO NOT offer parent-and-me options. Our studies show young students achieve greater success when parents stay out of sight than those students who parents are in the pool. Lessons are taken 1-5 times a week, depending on how accelerated of a course you wish to take. You may share lessons with a friend and split the cost. Shared lessons for this age are split 15 minutes per student.  

Basic Stroke Introduction

Once a student accomplishes our 3 goals for new swimmers, they have the option to enroll in another set of lessons to prepare them for the swim team. Basic Stroke Introduction is offered to students 3 years old to adults.

Goals for Basic Stroke Introduction 

  •  Freestyle w/Side Breath
  •  Backstroke
  •  Breast Stroke
  •  Butterfly
  •  Flip Turns
  •  Treading Water

Adult New Swimmers

It's never too late to learn how to swim. We teach hundreds of adults each year! Adults first learn how to swim the survival stroke across the length of the pool. If they have remaining lessons, they may learn the four basic strokes. Lessons are private, but adult swim students may share with a friend for no extra charge. We recommend 10 (30 minute) lessons for adults. Adult lessons are only offered at our facility, not home lessons, for safety reasons. 

Contact us today for the best swimming lessons in town. We are proud to serve our students in Fresno and Clovis in California.  Get results you want with us!